OpenRA 1v1 Ladder

Welcome to the OpenRA Ladder!

The OpenRA Competitive Multiplayer Ladder is an automated result capture and ranking system for 1v1 online games run by the player community. To play ranked games, you only need an account on the OpenRA forum connected to your game client to get access to the official Ladder game servers. Check out the INFO page for more information on how this works and how you can join the competition.

The OpenRA Ladder was started in December 2020 for the Red Alert mod with a continuous "all-time" ranking and periodical rankings which would reset every other / every 2 months. Game servers and leaderboards for the Tiberian Dawn mod were started in April 2020 following the same concept.

As of January 2023 only the 2-month ranking seasons are continued and documented on this website. Check out the HIGH SCORE for a list of accumulated achievements of the most successful OpenRA Ladder players. All past seasons' archived results can be accessed through the HISTORY page.

Current Standings

We have RA and TD, flick the switch in the top menu to show the other mod's info....

Install OpenRA and join the competition!

OpenRA is a free and open source game engine for a variety of mods. Check out to download the latest version.

Joining the competitive player scene for the OpenRA Ladder is as simple as starting the game, registering your OpenRA Forum account, and joining one of the online multiplayer game servers designated as official game servers.

Check out our INFO page for more details.