OpenRA 1v1 Ladder

The essentials

Map pack:
2023.0 v2
Compatible game version:
Game server instances:
|| Competitive 1v1 Ladder Server N
Any games played on one of these servers will be recorded for the OpenRA Ladder ranking.
Ranking algorithm:
OpenSkill and Trueskillâ„¢
Source code:
oraladder on Github
You can reach the admin team through the #ladder channel on the OpenRA Competitive community Discord server
The ladder website and game servers are managed by milkman on the aforementioned Competitive or the official OpenRA Discord servers


How can I play on the ladder?
Register an OpenRA account on the Community Forum and link it with your in-game player profile. This will allow you to join the ladder game server lobbies (see The essentials section). Every game you play on these servers will automatically be recorded and your score adjusted on this website within minutes.
Games are limited to maps contained in the the current Ladder map pack.
The opponent is bad mannered and just disconnected: do I have to destroy all their structures to register a win?
No, just leave the game. But beware, do not surrender, otherwise it will be registered as a loss for you.
I'm terrible at the game and would like to become stronger, where should I look for?
The ladder is indeed highly competitive. Your best chance at improving would be to join the ORA Academy Discord and eventually the Red Alert Competitive Discord. The former will provide many resources, while the latter is full of highly competitive, passionate (and sometimes friendly) players discussing different facets of the game. You may also want to join the Official OpenRA Discord.
Player skill gap is so wide, every game feels like a coin flip; any chance of improving that?
Unfortunately, there is currently no automatic matchmaking system and the community is probably still too small for a balanced experience of such a system. There are discussions in progress to improve the player experience, but currently your best chance at enjoying the competitive scene is probably to get in touch with players in your skill vicinity on Discord, and reach for the top.
When does the ladder reset?
You have a 2-months reset of the ladder.
I just lost but won points, why?
You probably played a strong player, and the ranking system doesn't have enough information to make a good guess at your level yet. The variation in your score will stabilize the more you play, and become more predictable as your level becomes more certain to the system.
A player is abusing the game or doing illegal activities, what can I do?
The ladder has no control over the accounts of players. Contacting the OpenRA forum admins is probably your best bet. If their account ends up being disabled, all their replays will go away from this website, and the scores adjusted automatically as if they never existed.
I can't playback an old replay, what happened?
First, you probably need the OpenRA release that was used to generate the replay. Next, you might be missing the map if it was removed from the resources center. Check the map pack history if you can find it back.

Map pack history

2023.0 v2
Updated map pack for OpenRA Release 20231010.
Map pack for OpenRA Release 20230225. Maps contain no custom balance rules because all the latest TD balance changes have been merged into the base game.
First map pack with TDGL2+ maps (minus the disliked Masters Frontline) and custom balance removed.